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Iodoform, Methylene Iodide,Iodobenzene, 4-iodoaniline, Chloroiodomethane, 4-iodobenzene, 1-IODO-2-BROMO BENZENE, 1-iododecane, 1,10-di iodecane, 2-iodoaniline, 3-iodopyridine, India

About us

About Of Infinium Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd.

We are India based pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturer which is extremely effective, efficient and professionally managed organization.We also undertake contract manufacturing for our products as well as for other new products. We can give the assurance of timely delivery, excellent quality and competitive rates. And that is what we call as our core competence at Infinium pharmachem Pvt. Ltd.

Each and every functional area of organization is led by professionally qualified people who had through understanding and experience into that particular area. That is the way how we keep tab on qualitative measures by qualified people, thoroughly.


In the end, innovation is a matter of decisions; make the right ones based on the proper context. We Infinium Pharmachem always ready to co-up with our customer’s products technology demand on the basis of regular innovation in the field of technology and quality up gradation.

Our Quality

Our commitment to quality and regulatory affairs is in one of full compliance to International and National norms. Dedicated Quality Assurance Department and strict quality control procedures guarantee consistent quality of all processes and products. We continuously monitor our suppliers, raw materials, in process controls, intermediates, finished goods, packaging, labelling, shipment, delivery and adhere to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards to ensure consistent levels of quality.

Customer Service

To us, every customer is an appreciating value asset. HE is the chief designer of what is primarily important to any product QUALITY and QUANTITY. Quality and consistency form the backbone of our product ideas. We firmly believe in adhering strictly to delivery schedules and providing top quality products and superior services as perceived by the customer.

Our commitment to research and development and an emphasis on plant modernization, assure a con-tinuing ability to meet customer's challenge for new and improved products. Our motto is to do it right the first time to the satisfaction of customers and ourselves to achieve excellence from our value customer

Our Mission

Our Mission is to strive through an ever improving process to become a globally recognized and accepted asvarious iodine derivatives manufacturing Company. InfiniumPharmachemis dedicated to enhance value in the chemistry reactions adopt by Pharmaceutical,Bulk drugs ,Specialtychemicals, Lab Reagent, Laboratory chemicals, Fine chemical manufacturers and suppliersby successfully meeting the stringent requirements of continuous value added raw materials, intermediates and finished products. InfiniumPharma will continue to add to its infrastructure and manpower the necessary talent and equipment to stay ahead as customer satisfier.